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Gensets or ups
Generators or ups?

Can I buy backup generator or a UPS for my home?

what is best, whether generators or UPS for offices?

which is cost effective and more reliable,either generators or UPS?

We get the above questions from most of our customers and here are some of our suggestions given to our clients.If you find our blog helpful pls share our suggestions and recommend us.

Generators Vs UPS

Generators as well UPS, both of them are used for power backup. But Choosing the right one depends on the customer requirement in terms of their equipments and machineries usage, and depends on backup durations required.

Generators are mostly designed to run for 24 X 7 operations to provide power backup, where as UPS power back up is limited to the battery bank capacity.If you spend more on battery you get more backup durations and if you spend less you get less durations. 

Then why UPS? Please remember, UPS make sure your equipment never interrupted by power outages, where as in Generators the equipment losses power till the Gensets  delivers the current.

If you have machineries or equipment which cannot afford the power cuts, you need a ups backup, remember ups can withstand only for lesser durations. If the power cut is for longer duration you need depends on generators. Generators provides power back up to your equipment through your ups.

If you can wait for Some minutes To get the power back and interruption of power for while is not an a issue, you can afford a generators and no need to spend money on ups.

when it comes to investment, you need to spend almost same amount in both, but you get continuous power back up in generators for the same amount of expenses. 

With respect to generator maintenances, you need to spend in diesel, oil services, break down services, periodic maintenance replacement of parts or spares. Whereas in UPS, you will be spending money mostly in the replacement of battery at least once in 2 or 3 years depending up on battery life.Cost of replacement of spares are less in UPS as the number of accessories or spares are less in UPS.

W.R.T to loading patterns, UPS Can’t  support certain equipment, devices, machineries like small ups cannot support air conditioners and some online ups may not support high horsepower motors and machineries. Where by choosing right capacity of generators, customers can provide power backup to any kind of equipment, devices or machineries.

Conclusion : If you have equipment where it is required to ensure power backup without even a milli seconds of power outage, you.p need to have ups as backup and for continuous backup you need to have genset as additional backup. If power outage is not an issue and can be managed for few minutes, you can rely only in gensets.

While buying dgset or ups, please be careful on choosing the capacity as it is primary factor decides the lifetime of the same. Buying a wrong capacity of gensets or ups may lead to product failure as well waste money.

There are petrol and diesel generators available, petrol gensets are limited upto 5kVA and diesel generators are available from 3.5kVA to 5500kVA. 

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