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Kirloskar Diesel Generators

Kirloskar Diesel Generators are now KOEL Green Gensets. Kirloskar Green Generators were complying with CPCB 1 and KOEL Green Gensets are complies with CPCB II and this transformation have happened on June 2014. Kirloskar Green Gensets up to June 2014 KOEL Green…

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Retrofitting Devices For Diesel Generators

Central Pollution Control Board(CPCB) is issuing letter to the end user of Diesel generating sets in Tamilnadu with the Subject of : TNPCB – Retrofittings of emission devices / equipments in DG Sets with capacity of 125kVA and above in…

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KOEL Anubanth

Dear Customer Thanks for Visiting our Web Page. “KOEL Anubandh” is the Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract by KOEL Care Chennai for the 1st Years. This Value pack is available only for the New Gensets Buyers. Call us for More Information…

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