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Generator Dealers in Kanchipuram

We VEL Engineers, Authorised Kirloskar Generator Dealers in Kanchipuram offering Best Generator Prices in Kanchipuram for  KOEL iGreen Generators from 2kVA to 1010kVA. Call Us to get quick quote for KOEL iGreen Gensets. Are you Looking for KOEL Green Genset Dealers in Kanchipuram? You landed at the right Place.Call us for More information.

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Generator Dealers in Kanchipuram
Genset Dealers in Kanchipuram

VEL Engineers

Kirloskar group has over 135 years of rich engineering history. KOEL engines are used as prime movers in different applications such as Generator Set, Earth Movers, Tractor, Industrial Pump Sets, Fire Fighting Pump Set, Ships, Defence and so many other applications.


KOEL iGreen is world’s leading and most preferred genset manufacturing brand and is also India’s first complete power back-up solution. KOEL iGreen promises unmatched Convenience to its customer by providing a space saving genset with AMF panel for automatic genset(from 5kVA to 160kVA) operations, Remote monitoring system, QR Code for handy genset information, boltless canopy for improved product life, Silencer inside canopy, Single point of ownership of all components & Remote Status Indicator as standard offering at no extra cost.


KOEL has the widest service network with more than 450 service outlets across the country backed with over 6000 trained and efficient service engineers. We offer single window service for the entire genset (engine, alternator, canopy, control panel, AMF & KRM) and also offer customized AMC’s & CMC’s to suit our esteemed customer requirements.


We VEL ENGINEERS are the Authorized channel partner of Kirloskar Oil Engines Ltd(KOEL) for the sale of KOEL iGreen diesel genset. We are authorised KOEL Green Generator Dealers in Kanchipuram. Also Call us for Generator Prices in Kanchipuram.

We offer end to end power solution to our esteemed customers that include:

  • Pre-sales detailing on load analyzing
  • Assessment of optimal power required
  • Delivery, Installation and commissioning on site
  • Onsite training for operations & maintenance


  1. Do load study & Buy Right capacity of Genset.
  2. Do Site Selection & install genset as per EB / PCB / CEIG Norms.
  3. Compare Technically & then commercially for long term usage of Genset.
  4. Buy Genset from Authorized Dealers to avail timely supply & Prompt after sales Service supports.
  5. Please get feedback about finalized vendors from the market.
  6. Never Trust vendors, recommended in Online Portals & make advance just because they are cheaper. Beware of Fraudulent Companies.

KOEL iGreen Offerings (From 5kVA to 160kVA)


We are authorized KOEL Green Genset Dealers in Kanchipuram. KOEL iGreen presents India’s only one stop digital power back-up solution, designed for the users of tomorrow. KOEL iGreen promise world class performance, robust design, digitally connected, ultimate convenience, smart user interface, superior looks and one stop solution for its esteemed customers.


Ultimate Convenience with Auto start and stop(from 5kVA to 160kVA)

 KOEL iGreen Gensets comes with an Auto start & Auto Stop Panel which are specifically designed to deliver ultimate convenience to user. With mains power failure this panel automatically starts the genset and once the mains power is restored this panel switch off the genset, providing hassle free experience with running cost optimization.(Auto Change Over Panel or ATS, is under customer scope).


Genset health meter at your finger tips(From 5kVA to 160kVA)

 KOEL iGreen Gensets are enabled with KOEL remote monitoring system, KOEL remote monitoring enables users to remotely monitor the important parameters of the genset, in case of any critical parameter alert is generated by ECU, KOEL remote monitoring system alerts the user immediately. KOEL remote monitoring system can be accessed via mobile device or desktop and this innovative system also alerts nearest service dealer is case of any emergency break-down.


QR code enabled Gensets(From 5kVA to 160kVA)

 KOEL iGreen Gensets are QR code enabled and provides genset relevant information to user on a single scan. This QR code can also be used for accessing product catalogue or product service requests.


Status Indicator(From 5kVA to 160kVA)

 KOEL iGreen Gensets comes with a multicolor genset status indicator which will help user understand the genset running status from a distance in  just a glance.


Aesthetically enhanced Gensets

 KOEL iGreen Gensets are aesthetically enhanced range of Gensets with improved product life. First of its kind KOEL iGreen Gensets comes with a boltless designed canopy which along with seamless appearance minimizes the canopy deterioration. Building on seamless appearance KOEL iGreen Gensets comes with silencer inside the canopy which in turn provides reduced height and symmetrical shape to genset. New attractive color scheme makes KOEL iGreen Gensets more vibrant and with green decal reminds its commitment to efficiency in conservation & going green in everything we do.


Single Point of Ownership

 KOEL iGreen provides a single point ownership of your complete power back-up ecosystem. These systems are designed to work in coherence with each other and hence are capable of providing a seamless experience to customer. With India’s largest service network KOEL iGreen provides a comprehensive warranty for all components of your power back-up ecosystem. Call us for Generator Prices in Kanchipuram. We are Tamilnadu’s Best Genset Dealers in Kanchipuram. Call us to get to best Generator Prices in Kanchipuram.