Industrial Silent Diesel Generators

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Industrial Generators Max Power Services

We VEL Engineers offers Industrial Generators from 2kVA to 1010kVA. Portable Generators for Home Use available from 2kVA to 5kVA. Silent Generators are available from KOEL Green Gensets up to 1010kVA. Kirloskar Generators can works at full Optimization for better fuel Efficiency & performances. Please buy KOEL Green Generators from Authorised Dealers & check the genuineness & Authorization with KOEL before placing orders & making payments.Max Power Services. Max Power Services Chennai

Industrial Generators
Max Power Services

Industrial Generators – Max Power Services

KOEL Green Generators are best suitable Generators for industries of all kinds. Trusted by many customers for its proven Performances. KOEL Green Generators are available from 2kVA to 1010kVA. KOEL Chhotta Chilli Portable Gensets are available from 2kVA to 5kVA. KOEL iGreen Industrial Generators are offered along with AMF Panels, KRMS, QR Code, LED Indications, Bolt less Canopy Options, Silencer Inside acoustics up to 160kVA DG Sets*. Call us to know more about KOEL iGreen Offerings. Kirloskar is offering robust, Fuel Efficient Diesel Engine which can take a block loading smoothly & can run on 24 x 7 basis. It needs less maintenance when compared with other makes. Max Power ServicesMA. Max Power Services Chennai

Silent Generators

Kirloskar is offering KOEL iGreen Generators from 5kVA to 160kVA with unique & unmatchable features. KOEL Offers Silent Generators as per latest CPCB II norms. Also offers super silent Generators in Portable ranges. Call us for more information. As per CPCB 1 Norms, all the gensets from 2kVA to 1010kVA have to be a mandatory supply along with acoustic enclosures.Kirloskar is Strictly adhering to the Norms and manufactures gensets which meets out the norm unconditionally. KOEL Green is the India’s No : 1 Genset brand having more than 250000 Gensets running across country. KOEL Care is the authorised service network for KOEL Gensets. KOEL offers anubanth and bandhan for their gensets users for better service supports. KOEL offers on site warranty supports to all of their product ranges.Max Power Services Chennai. .

Diesel Generators
Max Power Services
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