Wants to know 15kVA Diesel Generator Prices in Chennai or wants to know best price for 15kVA Diesel Geneators ? Wait Please read the below article before finalizing the 15kVA Generators. it May help you to purchase a right product at right prices. 15kVA KOEL Green Gensets are most trusted Gensets for Residences, Offices & Small Scale Industries. 15 kVA Generator price may vary from state to state. Pls call us for lowest pricing.

15kVA Kirloskar igreen generators
15kVA KOEL iGreen Genset

15kVA KOEL iGreen Genset Highlights

  • AMF Panel as standard
  • KOEL Remote Monitoring(KRM)
  • Silencer inside canopy
  • Aesthetically enhanced genset
  • QR Code enabled genset
  • Multi-colour Status indicator
  • India’s No : 1 Genset Brand
  • Proven & Robust Generators

15kVA KOEL Green Gensets Happy Customers 

7 Easy steps for a happy Genset Ownership

  • Insist on a load-study before purchasing Genset
  • Select the Genset rating as per the load-study and with sufficient margin for future expansion
  • Site Selection is most important criteria.
  • Insist on installation in line with EB & KOEL Norms
  • Ensure Proper Cable Size, Change Over Sizes
  • Understand the Genset operation & maintenance procedures during commissioning
  • Follow routine maintenance protocols through authorized KG service dealers

15kVA KOEL iGreen Genset Specifications

Engine / Alternator Make                      : Kirloskar (KOEL)*

Engine Model                                        : HA 294 G1

Type of Engine Cooling                         : Air Cooled Engines

Engine BHP                                            : 20.5 BHP

No of Cylinders                                      : 2 Cylinders

Diesel tank Capacity                              : 45 Lits

15kVA Genset dimensions                    : 1740  x 1050 x 1474 in mm

Genset static Dry Weight                      : 810 kgs

Delivery schedule                                  : 2 weeks

Warranty                                               : 2 Years

Phases Available                                   : Three / Single

15 kVA Generator Price                         : Call us for pricing.

*KOEL – Kirloskar Oil Engines Limited

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

1. Can I Buy 15kVA Diesel Generator for my Residence of for small office?

Yes, But it is better to conduct Load study & Purchase. Please note, going for either higher or lower capacity of Genset will lead to high maintenance costs.

2. Does 15kVA KOEL Green Gensetsis super Silent?

KOEL is Strictly adhering to CPCB II Norms & Hence the sound level is as per latest CPCB II Norms. KOEL Gensets will have less than 75dba Noise Level at 1 Meter Distance.

3. Does 15kVA Kirloskar Generators are completely emission free Gensets?

KOEL Manufactures Diesel Engines, considering less emissions. In Generators, KOEL is strictly adhering to CPCB II Norms w.r.t Emissions. KOEL Gensets are supplied as per latest Pollution Board Norms.

4. What is the 15kVA Generator Dimensions?

Dimensions of 15kVA KOEL iGreen Genset is 1740 x 1050 x 1474 – L x W x H in mm.

5. What is platform dimension required for a 15kVA DG Set?

Customer should make platform considering  DG Set dimensions & should provide 3 feet clearances on the 4 sides of the Gensets for easy access & future maintanences.

6. What is the Diesel Consumption of a 15kVA DGSets?

Fuel Consumption of a 15kVA KOEL iGreen Gensets is

@100% Load – 5 Lts / Hour

@75% Load – 3 Lits / Hour

@50% Load – 2.2 Lits / Hour

7. Do I Need to use Generator compulsorily, even though EB Power Available?

It is recommended to use the Generator once in 10 days for about 30 mins to 1 hour with Load to avoid Diesel Engine Air Lock issues & Battery complaints.

8. Can I install the Genset in Open Place & is it Whether proof Generators?

Yes, KOEL Green Gensets are designed carefully considering STP. KOEL Green Gensets are Whether proof.

9. Can I Install the Genset at Terrace?

No, As per Govt Norm, generators should be installed over a Living Rooms & Can be installed over a Structural Platform & it shouldn’t be attached with the living rooms. Also Customer should design the structure  Considering SBC, Wind Velocity & Dynamic Weight of the Genset.

10. What is the 15kVA KOEL iGreen Generator Price or whats is Best Price for 15kVA Diesel Generators?

Please contact us @ 9677145152 for 15kVA Kirloskar(KOEL) Green Generator Prices in Chennai & Immediate delivery. Prices shall vary state to state & hence requested to contact us for offers. Mail us your inquiry to get  15 kVA Generator price in Chennai

11. What is delivery or lead time for 15kVA Kirloskar Green Generators?

KOEL is having 7 days assured delivery Policy. Due to Covid -19, delivery can be made within 2 weeks.

12. Who is the best dealer for KOEL Green Gensets in Chennai?

Please never trust the vendors, just because there prices are cheaper. KOEL is having strict Pricing Policy in Industry. KOEL is having Authorized Dealers to deal with their range of products, who will strictly follow KOEL’s Pricing Policies. Please check with KOEL regarding the genuineness & Authorization of Respective Dealers. If Gensets procured from Un-Authorized Dealers, KOEL May not take responsibility of the money paid to them.

13. Which is the best generator in India at this ranges?

KOEL iGreen Gensets are India’s No:1 Genset Brand from Kirloskar Group. They offer Generators from 2kVA to 1010kVA. Please Check the Performance of the Products, Sales & Service Networks of the Generator manufacturers before finalizing the Gensets. Also take some nearby Reference to purchase right products, which will give you a real uninterrupted power supply.

14 which is better for Residence, UPS or Gensets?

UPS is meant for limited period Power Back up & Provides power back up mostly for Lights, Fans, Home Appliances. Whereas Generators can be used on 24 x 7 Basis & capable of Delivering power to the entire residences including Air Conditioners & Submersible Motors.

15. Why VEL Engineers?

We have fully fledged Sales, Service & Projects team to execute any range of Gensets in Turnkey Basis. We provide cost effective Solutions to all our customers. We never supply either under rated or over rated generators to any of our Clients. We have professional team for Load Study, Site Selection, Generators Installation, Genset Commissioning & Generator Services. More than that we create strong relationships with the customers rather than just supplying generators.

15kVA KOEL iGreen Generators are best suitable gensets for residences, petrol outlets, small offices, Apartments, villas, shops, showrooms, small scale industries, Marriage halls without  Air conditioners, schools, labs, clinics, hospitals and much More. 15kVA Diesel Generator price in Chennai, Best price for 15kVA Diesel generators,  KOEL iGreen Genset price is much competitive in industry. 15kVA KOEl iGreen generator prices are inclusive of all the above said igreen DG Set features.15kVA Generator prices in chennai are cheaper than anywhere else. We are Authorised Dealer for KOEL iGreen Genset dealers in Chennai. Call us for 15 kVA Generator Price. KOEL iGreen Gensets are most trusted gensets in Chennai. Contact Us to get 15kVA KOEL Green gensets price list.